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City of Mitcham Online Services enables members of the public to view development applications on public notification.

Category 2 and 3 development applications require notification to adjacent property owners with Category 3 development applications also advertised in the local newspaper.

Submissions will only be accepted from notified properties for Category 2 development applications but for Category 3 development applications all submissions will be accepted within the stated timeframes.

If you are unable to download the public notification document, these can be viewed at the Council office.

Application ID080/0153/20
Application DescriptionTwo Storey Detached Dwelling with Associated Garage, Portico, Balcony and Verandah, and Retaining and Fencing with a Maximum Height of 2.6 metres.
Property Address6 Mortlock Street CLAPHAM SA 5062
Closing Date28/05/2020

Application ID080/0159/20
Application DescriptionChange of Use from Used Car Yard to Car Wash Facility, Construction of Control Building Incorporating Office, Lunch-Room, Cafeteria, Covered Car Wash Area, Shade Sails and 2 Metre High Acoustic Panel Wall on the Eastern Boundary, Reconfiguration of Car-park and Associated Landscaping
Property Address859 South Road CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039
Closing Date11/06/2020

Application ID080/0197/20
Application DescriptionSingle Storey Detached Dwelling, Garage on Northern Boundary (8.3m)
Property Address4 Rothermore Street CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041
Closing Date29/05/2020

Application ID080/0279/20
Application DescriptionDivide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (1:2) and Associated Common Property and Construct a Single Storey Group Dwelling and Associated Earthworks
Property Address48 Brighton Parade BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date15/06/2020

Application ID080/0361/20
Application DescriptionDemolition of Existing Shed, Dwelling Alterations & Additions (including attached Verandah), Studio, Garage & Masonry Wall On Eastern Boundary, Deck and Swimming Pool with Safety Fence
Property Address11 Durdin Road HAWTHORN SA 5062
Closing Date15/06/2020

Application ID080/0376/20
Application DescriptionFreestanding Verandah
Property Address10 Simla Parade BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date01/06/2020

Application ID080/0435/20
Application DescriptionInfill Wall to Existing Carport Along Boundary With Windows Above Fence Line
Property Address3 Keys Road LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062
Closing Date05/06/2020

Application ID080/0439/20
Application DescriptionSingle Storey Detached Dwelling with Alfresco and Garage on Northern Boundary (6.8 metres)
Property Address7 Price Avenue LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062
Closing Date10/06/2020

Application ID080/0486/20
Application DescriptionConstruction Retaining Walls to the Northern Side Boundary to a Maximum Height of 1.8 Metres, to the Southern Side Boundary to a Maximum Height of 2.2 Metres, to the Rear Boundary to a Maximum Height of 1.6 Metres and Internal to the Site to a Maximum Height of 1.6 Metres
Property Address11 Tennant Street TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Closing Date01/06/2020

Application ID080/0567/20
Application DescriptionSix (6) Row Dwellings
Property Address24 Walsh Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date10/06/2020

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