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City of Mitcham Online Services enables members of the public to view development applications on public notification.

Category 2 and 3 development applications require notification to adjacent property owners with Category 3 development applications also advertised in the local newspaper.

Submissions will only be accepted from notified properties for Category 2 development applications but for Category 3 development applications all submissions will be accepted within the stated timeframes.

If you are unable to download the public notification document, these can be viewed at the Council office.

Application ID080/0449/19
Application DescriptionRaised Deck (Around Existing Above Ground Swimming Pool) and Screen
Property Address3 Emu Avenue GLENALTA SA 5052
Closing Date22/11/2019

Application ID080/0883/19
Application DescriptionRetrospective Retaining Wall and Fencing Over 2.1 Metres (Eastern Boundary)
Property Address18 Hillcrest Drive EDEN HILLS SA 5050
Closing Date29/11/2019

Application ID080/1011/19
Application DescriptionTwo Single Storey Detached Dwellings, Boundary fencing, Garages on Boundary & Portico
Property Address29 Murray Street LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062
Closing Date22/11/2019

Application ID080/1086/19
Application DescriptionChange of use to office with associated signage
Property Address21 Albert Street MITCHAM SA 5062
Closing Date22/11/2019

Application ID080/1141/19
Application DescriptionRetaining Wall and Fence on Northern Boundary over 2.1 Metres
Property Address3 Diannella Court PASADENA SA 5042
Closing Date28/11/2019

Application ID080/1211/19
Application DescriptionTwo Storey Dwelling, Garage (along Western Boundary), Portico & Verandah
Property Address74 Princes Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Closing Date04/12/2019

Application ID080/1253/19
Application DescriptionRetaining Wall & Fence to Rear Boundary and Northern Side Boundary
Property Address36 St Marys Street ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date05/12/2019

Application ID080/1257/19
Application DescriptionConstruction of two storey detached dwelling with undercroft and associated retaining walls and fencing
Property Address37 Strathcona Avenue PANORAMA SA 5041
Closing Date28/11/2019

Application ID080/1268/19
Application DescriptionConstruction of a two storey detached dwelling, swimming pool and safety barrier, retaining walls and fence and associated earthworks
Property Address25 Chapman Street BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date02/12/2019

Application ID080/0912/18.02
Application DescriptionVary DA 080/0912/18: To Construct two Storey Detached Dwelling, Deck & Associated Retaining Wall (Variation to Undertake Earthworks Resulting in 245 Cubic Metres of Fill at the Rear of the Dwelling) (Retrospective)
Property Address1A Witta Wirra Way EDEN HILLS SA 5050
Closing Date02/12/2019

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