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City of Mitcham Online Services enables members of the public to view development applications on public notification.

Category 2 and 3 development applications require notification to adjacent property owners with Category 3 development applications also advertised in the local newspaper.

Submissions will only be accepted from notified properties for Category 2 development applications but for Category 3 development applications all submissions will be accepted within the stated timeframes.

If you are unable to download the public notification document, these can be viewed at the Council office.

Application ID080/0141/20
Application DescriptionConstruct a Single Storey Dwelling with Garage (wall on eastern boundary) and Alfresco
Property Address47 Aver Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041
Closing Date12/08/2020

Application ID080/0144/20
Application DescriptionDivide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (1:2) and Construct Two Detached Dwellings With Associated Retaining and Fencing (Maximum combined height of 2.7 Metres) (Non-complying)
Property Address8 Barnett Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date11/08/2020

Application ID080/0216/20
Application DescriptionTwo Storey Dwelling Addition, Porch, Garage & Verandah
Property Address23 French Street NETHERBY SA 5062
Closing Date17/08/2020

Application ID080/0380/20
Application DescriptionTwo Storey Detached Dwelling, Retaining Walls, Fences and Associated Earthworks
Property Address23 Braemar Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Closing Date13/08/2020

Application ID080/0447/20
Application DescriptionConstruct an Elevated Single Storey Detached Dwelling on Stilts with Associated Retaining and Earthworks
Property Address34 Francis Street BEDFORD PARK SA 5042
Closing Date12/08/2020

Application ID080/0448/20
Application DescriptionConstruct an Elevated Single Storey Detached Dwelling on Stilts with Associated Retaining and Earthworks
Property Address36 Francis Street BEDFORD PARK SA 5042
Closing Date12/08/2020

Application ID080/0508/20
Application DescriptionRepair Work to Existing Fire Track (Retrospective) & Additional Fill
Property Address34 Winding Way BELAIR SA 5052
Closing Date07/08/2020

Application ID080/0526/20
Application DescriptionAdvertisement (Signage) on Existing Tower
Property Address10/119 Belair Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Closing Date10/08/2020

Application ID080/0566/20
Application DescriptionAlterations & additions to existing building complex (Building 1 - situated at northern end of site, adjacent Dorene Street & Rothesay Avenue), construction of porte cochere with attached pergola, replacement of car parking area with building extension, landscaping & fencing, playground, secure play area & outdoor plaza. Stage 1 - internal alterations to female toilets, male toilets, kitchen, store 2, waiting/reception, toddlers room, creche room, foyer 3 & corridor & external additions to front of building comprising prayer/meeting room, coffee/lounge area & kitchen & entry extension. Stage 2 - external additions to rear of building, construction of porte cochere with attached pergola & replacement of carparking with landscaping, fencing, paved plaza, playground & secure play area
Property Address1A Merriton Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date18/08/2020

Application ID080/0710/20
Application DescriptionOutbuilding (raised cubby house with associated privacy lattice and wire trellis) (retrospective)
Property Address1 Darwin Avenue HAWTHORNDENE SA 5051
Closing Date24/08/2020

Application ID080/0729/20
Application DescriptionDomestic Outbuilding - Shed (On Two Boundaries)
Property Address8 Lochwinnoch Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Closing Date13/08/2020

Application ID080/0782/20
Application DescriptionRetaining Wall & Fence on Western Boundary (2.8m in height) with Related Earthworks
Property Address61 The Boulevard BELLEVUE HEIGHTS SA 5050
Closing Date20/08/2020

Application ID080/0798/20
Application DescriptionRetaining Wall & Fence
Property Address48 Waite Street BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date13/08/2020

Application ID080/0802/20
Application DescriptionDwelling Alterations and Additions, Carport Forward of the Dwelling & Replace Decking
Property Address53 Hillcrest Drive EDEN HILLS SA 5050
Closing Date24/08/2020

Application ID080/0826/20
Application DescriptionDemolition of Existing Sheds & Construction of Domestic Outbuilding (Garden Shed) & Fence (2.4m High Screen) on Southern Boundary
Property Address20 Kitchener Street NETHERBY SA 5062
Closing Date21/08/2020

Application ID080/0854/20
Application DescriptionInternal Alterations, Second Storey Dwelling Addition & Verandah
Property Address12 Neville Avenue CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039
Closing Date07/08/2020

Application ID080/0865/20
Application DescriptionChange in Use - From Factory to Dog Training Gym (The K9 Relationship Coach)
Property Address5 Benjamin Street ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date10/08/2020

Application ID080/0910/20
Application DescriptionRemove One (1) Regulated Tree
Property Address760 Goodwood Road PASADENA SA 5042
Closing Date14/08/2020

Application ID080/0919/20
Application DescriptionChange of Use from Child Care to Office
Property Address22 Main Road BELAIR SA 5052
Closing Date24/08/2020

Application ID080/1571/18.01
Application DescriptionVary DA 080/1571/18 - Two-Storey Detached Dwelling with Under croft Parking (non-complying) (by Adding an Allotment for the purposes of CFS access and septic management, amending retaining wall design and above ground rainwater tanks).
Property Address2-5 Eagle Road LEAWOOD GARDENS SA 5150
Closing Date17/08/2020

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