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City of Mitcham Online Services enables members of the public to view development applications on public notification.

Category 2 and 3 development applications require notification to adjacent property owners with Category 3 development applications also advertised in the local newspaper.

Submissions will only be accepted from notified properties for Category 2 development applications but for Category 3 development applications all submissions will be accepted within the stated timeframes.

If you are unable to download the public notification document, these can be viewed at the Council office.

Application ID080/0305/18
Application DescriptionConstruct a Single Storey Detached Dwelling, Double Garage, Verandahs, Retaining Walls (on Boundary) & Fencing
Property Address29 Garnet Avenue BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date28/06/2018

Application ID080/0508/18
Application DescriptionSingle Storey Detached Dwelling & Outbuilding
Property Address2A Myrtle Road HAWTHORNDENE SA 5051
Closing Date26/06/2018

Application ID080/0598/18
Application DescriptionDemolition of Existing Buildings & Construction of Two Buildings for the Purpose of Change of Use from Service Trade Premises to Restaurants With Associated Car Parking & Landscaping
Property Address1115 South Road ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date29/06/2018

Application ID080/0611/18
Application DescriptionDemolish all Existing Structures & Construct 2 Two Storey Semi-Detached Dwellings
Property Address3 Clarence Street BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date25/06/2018

Application ID080/0612/18
Application DescriptionDemolish Existing Dwelling, Construct a Single Storey Detached Dwelling & Associated Double Garage (Garage Walls on Boundary)
Property Address52 Tutt Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062
Closing Date27/06/2018

Application ID080/0659/18
Application DescriptionChange of Use From Restaurant to Consulting Rooms (Podiatry)
Property Address3/237 Main Road BLACKWOOD SA 5051
Closing Date25/06/2018

Application ID080/0732/18
Application DescriptionMasonry Fencing, Retaining & Fencing, Verandah (including wall on eastern boundary) and Landscaping
Property Address9 Surrey Crescent LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062
Closing Date25/06/2018

Application ID080/0736/18
Application DescriptionExtension to Existing Garage (on Boundary)
Property Address4 Shearer Avenue WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041
Closing Date29/06/2018

Application ID080/0739/18
Application DescriptionDwelling Alterations & Additions (On Boundary)
Property Address150 Grange Road WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041
Closing Date27/06/2018

Application ID080/0744/18
Application DescriptionAttached Verandah (On Boundary)
Property Address68 Edward Street CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041
Closing Date28/06/2018

Application ID080/0746/18
Application DescriptionSwimming Pool & Spa with associated Safety Fencing, Masonry brick wall on secondary street boundary, Pool Room & Carport (On Boundary)
Property Address35 Arthur Street CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039
Closing Date26/06/2018

Application ID080/0765/18
Application DescriptionDwelling Alterations & Upper Level Additions, Garage, Carport & Free-standing Verandah
Property Address7 Fife Avenue TORRENS PARK SA 5062
Closing Date28/06/2018

Application ID080/0766/18
Application DescriptionEarthworks & Construct Associated Retaining Walls (Including on Southern Boundary)
Property Address1A Haig Street NETHERBY SA 5062
Closing Date28/06/2018

Application ID080/0769/18
Application DescriptionRetaining Wall and Fencing
Property Address34 Barnett Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042
Closing Date02/07/2018

Application ID080/0774/18
Application DescriptionSingle Storey Detached Dwelling with Garage on Boundary
Property Address16 Bice Street CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039
Closing Date29/06/2018

Application ID080/0789/18
Application DescriptionExtend Existing Brick/Stone Wall By 1.8 in Length (On Boundary)
Property Address64 Aver Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041
Closing Date02/07/2018

Application ID080/0799/18
Application DescriptionAlterations & Additions, Carport, Swimming Pool and Safety Fence and Pool Pavilion
Property Address6 Balham Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062
Closing Date04/07/2018

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