Application Details

Application Details
Application ID080/0278/20
DescriptionDemolish All Existing Structures
Development Cost$18,000.00
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
Lodgement Date13/03/2020
Received by Council6/03/2020
Decision Date13/03/2020
Appeal Result 

Additional Information
CategorySchedule 1A
Planning AuthorityNot Applicable
Planning Private Certifier 
Planning Certifier Doc Received 
Building AuthorityDelegated Decision - Council
Building Private Certifier 
Building Certifier Doc Received 

Name Details
NameAlan Sheppard Construction Pty Ltd

AddressLand DescriptionAssociation Type
11 Pulleine Avenue NETHERBY SA 5062LOT 22 TYP DP SEC 263 PLN 4500 C/T 5508/345Primary Property

Application Status
DescriptionEvent DecisionDate Finalised
Confirm Assessment Process for TimeframesDelegated - Sch1A13/03/2020
LAND DIVISION ASSESSMENTNot Applicable13/03/2020
PLANNING ASSESSMENTNot Applicable13/03/2020
ISSUE DPC ONLYNot Applicable13/03/2020
DPC DNF MAILOUTNot Applicable13/03/2020
BUILDING RULES PROCESSCouncil (Sch 1A - Building Only)13/03/2020
Building Rules CommencedCommenced13/03/2020
Referral to Consultant Engineer?Not Required13/03/2020

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~~~ DEVELOPMENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH DETAILS SUBMITTED The proposal must be developed in accordance with the details submitted to the Council and approved plans relating to this Development Application. Reason: To ensure the proposal is established in accordance with the plans and details submitted.
~~~ DEMOLITION The building/structure approved herein for demolition shall be demolished in accordance with Australian Standard 2601-2001 “Demolition of Structures” and SafeWork SA, ensuring the following: (a) a water supply shall be provided and used for the lessening of the diffusion of dust. (b) all services not required are disconnected. (c) any asbestos encountered shall be removed in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986 and Australian Standard 2601 and the requirements of SafeWork SA including ensuring persons undertaking demolition work have the appropriate licence and permits in place in accordance with the requirements of SafeWork SA prior to commencing any demolition work on site. (e) where demolition by explosives is proposed, it shall be carried out in accordance with SafeWork SA. A copy of the licence agreement shall be forwarded to Council prior to any explosives being used on the site. Further information regarding demolition of buildings that contain asbestos can be obtained by contacting SafeWork SA on telephone (08) 8303 0400 and for emergency situations 1800 777 209, or by searching their internet web page on Reason: To ensure that all demolition works are carried out in a satisfactory manner.
+++ ENCROACHMENT No portion of the building work may encroach upon or overhang the boundaries of the site. It is strongly recommended that a Licensed Surveyor be engaged to undertake a survey before work commences to establish the location of the boundary. If the building work encroaches upon or overhangs a boundary, the applicant may be exposed to legal proceedings under the Encroachments Act 1944, or civil proceedings for trespass.
+++ PROTECTION OF PUBLIC FOOTWAY, NATURE STRIP ETC Any public footway, nature strip or roadway is not to be obstructed by vehicles and machinery or rendered inconvenient or dangerous to the public. Suitable measures are to be taken to protect any public footway, nature strip, street tree or roadway from damage. Any person responsible for such damage will be required to pay costs incurred by Council in reinstating all damage.
+++ NOTICE TO NEIGHBOURS Your attention is drawn to your obligation to notify your adjoining owner as required by the provisions of Section 60 of the Development Act 1993 and Regulation 75 of the Development Regulations 1993.
+++ TREE DAMAGING ACTIVITY No approval is granted for any activity defined as tree damaging activity by the Development Act 1993.

Charge DescriptionDate of IssueAmount
Schedule 1 A other than clause 212/03/2020$55.50
Lodgement Fee12/03/2020$142.50
Demolition (Minimum fee)12/03/2020$215.44
Sum $413.44

Private Certifier
No information is available.

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