Application Details

Application Details
Application ID080/0786/18
DescriptionFree-Standing Carport
Development Cost$9,300.00
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
Lodgement Date20/06/2018
Received by Council12/06/2018
Decision Date29/06/2018
Appeal Result 

Additional Information
CategorySchedule 1A
Planning Authority 
Planning Private Certifier 
Planning Certifier Doc Received 
Building AuthorityDelegated Decision - Council
Building Private Certifier 
Building Certifier Doc Received 

Name Details
NameJulie Margaret Knights

NameOlympic Industries Pty Ltd

AddressLand DescriptionAssociation Type
117 Cross Road HAWTHORN SA 5062LOT 1 TYP DP SEC 235 PLN 55351 C/T 5827/185Primary Property

Application Status
DescriptionEvent DecisionDate Finalised
Confirm Assessment Process for TimeframesDelegated - Sch1A20/06/2018
PLANNING ASSESSMENTNot Applicable20/06/2018
DPC DNF MAILOUTNot Applicable20/06/2018
BUILDING RULES PROCESSCouncil (Sch 1A - Building Only)29/06/2018
Building Rules CommencedCommenced29/06/2018
Referral to Consultant Engineer?Not Required29/06/2018
External Building Referrals Required?Not Required29/06/2018
Further building information required?Not Required29/06/2018

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~~~ DEVELOPMENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH DETAILS SUBMITTED The proposal must be developed in accordance with the details submitted to the Council and approved plans relating to this Development Application. Reason: To ensure the proposal is established in accordance with the plans and details submitted.
~~~ MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDATIONS All construction must be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard approved specifications and all relevant standards. Reason: To ensure the building work is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.
+++ ENCROACHMENT No portion of the building work may encroach upon or overhang the boundaries of the site. It is strongly recommended that a Licensed Surveyor be engaged to undertake a survey before work commences to establish the location of the boundary. If the building work encroaches upon or overhangs a boundary, the applicant may be exposed to legal proceedings under the Encroachments Act 1944, or civil proceedings for trespass.

Charge DescriptionDate of IssueAmount
Schedule 1 A other than clause 220/06/2018$52.00
Minimum Building Fee20/06/2018$68.00
Lodgement Fee20/06/2018$133.00
Sum $253.00

Private Certifier
No information is available.

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