Application Details

Application Details
Application ID080/0836/18
DescriptionAttached Verandah (51) and Garage and Attached Verandah (51A)
Development Cost$18,300.00
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
Lodgement Date29/06/2018
Received by Council22/06/2018
Decision Date25/07/2018
Appeal Result 

Additional Information
CategoryCategory 1
Planning AuthorityDelegated Decision - Council
Planning Private Certifier 
Planning Certifier Doc Received 
Building AuthorityDelegated Decision - Council
Building Private Certifier 
Building Certifier Doc Received 

Name Details
NameLuigi Di Biase

NameOlympic Industries

AddressLand DescriptionAssociation Type
51 Edward Street DAW PARK SA 5041LOT 2 TYP DP PLN 118034 C/T 6205/471Property
51A Edward Street DAW PARK SA 5041LOT 1 TYP DP PLN 118034 C/T 6205/470Primary Property

Application Status
DescriptionEvent DecisionDate Finalised
Confirm Assessment Process for TimeframesDelegated - Combined29/06/2018
PLANNING ASSESSMENTCouncil Officer29/06/2018
ISSUE DPC ONLYCombined Assessment29/06/2018
BUILDING RULES PROCESSCouncil (Combined)2/07/2018
Building Rules CommencedCommenced11/07/2018
Referral to Consultant Engineer?Not Required11/07/2018
External Building Referrals Required?Not Required11/07/2018
Further building information required?Required12/07/2018

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Application ID080/0869/18
DescriptionDomestic Outbuilding (Garage)
RelationshipAssociated Application

^^^ The proposal must be developed in accordance with the details submitted to the Council and approved plans. Reason: To ensure the proposal is established in accordance with the plans and details submitted
~~~ STORMWATER All water flowing from the roof or roofs of the building, shall be disposed of from the subject site to the Council drainage system in a manner which meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia for the building approved as part of this consent to avoid: (a) external moisture or water into the building; and (b) affecting the stability of the building; and (c) creating an unhealthy or dangerous condition; and (d) running onto or over land of an adjoining land or building. Stormwater shall be diverted away from the building, shall not be permitted to run onto adjoining land, except for stormwater following the existing drainage pattern of rainwater naturally falling on the allotment. Reason: To ensure satisfactory discharge of stormwater from the property.
~~~ MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDATIONS All construction must be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard approved specifications and all relevant standards. Reason: To ensure the building work is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.
~~~ INDEMNITY INSURANCE The owner of the land on which domestic building work is to be performed must ensure that a copy of a certificate of indemnity insurance in accordance with the Building Work Contractors Act in relation to that work is lodged with the Council prior to the commencement of work. This applies where the contract is valued at $12,000 or more, and you engage a licensed Building Work Contractor. Owner builders entering into an individual contract valued at $12,000 or more, including a registered building work supervisor engaged to supervise the work are required to lodge a copy of each certificate of insurance to Council prior to commencing building work. Reason: To comply with Development Regulation 21.
~~~ MANDATORY NOTIFICATIONS - Class 10a Pursuant to the provisions of Regulation 74 of the Development Regulations 2008 the Council requires that the person proposing to undertake the building work must give the Council: (a) one business day’s notice of commencement of building works on the site; and (b) one business day’s notice of completion of all roof framing forming part of the building work (including top and bottom chord restraints, bracing and tie-downs); and (c) one business day’s notice of completion of the building work. Regulation 74(5) - If notice is given of the completion of all attachment of roof framing forming part of the building work, the person who gives the notice must, within 1 business day after the notice is given, provide to the council a duly, completed supervisor’s checklist relating to the roof framing, signed by a registered building work supervisor, being a registered building work supervisor who has undertaken any training required and recognised under a scheme approved by the Minister. A Supervisor’s checklist is available to download at <> This checklist is located at the bottom of the web site page under the “Development Miscellaneous” heading. Regulation 74(6) - A person must not conceal any completed roof framing until after the expiration of 2 clear business days of council receiving the above notice of completion (with the person being able to assume receipt of the notice in the ordinary course of business or transmission). A person who breaches a requirement under Regulations 74 (1), (5) or (6) is guilty of an offence. Maximum penalty: $10 000 Expiation fee: $500 The applicant is advised to ensure that ALL required notifications are given. It is recommended that notifications be submitted to Council’s preferred email address: or via fax on 8372 8101. Reason: To comply with Development Regulation 74
+++ ENCROACHMENT No portion of the building work may encroach upon or overhang the boundaries of the site. It is strongly recommended that a Licensed Surveyor be engaged to undertake a survey before work commences to establish the location of the boundary. If the building work encroaches upon or overhangs a boundary, the applicant may be exposed to legal proceedings under the Encroachments Act 1944, or civil proceedings for trespass.

Charge DescriptionDate of IssueAmount
Minimum Building Fee29/06/2018$68.00
Lodgement Fee29/06/2018$133.00
Planning Assessment Fee - Res Code Complying29/06/2018$107.00
Sum $308.00

Private Certifier
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