Application Details

Application Details
Application ID080/0864/18
DescriptionDomestic Outbuilding - Shed
Development Cost$4,500.00
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
Lodgement Date13/07/2018
Received by Council28/06/2018
Decision Date24/07/2018
Appeal Result 

Additional Information
CategorySchedule 1A
Planning AuthorityNot Applicable
Planning Private Certifier 
Planning Certifier Doc Received 
Building AuthorityDelegated Decision - Council
Building Private Certifier 
Building Certifier Doc Received 

Name Details
NameNaomi Ruth To

NameTimothy Hong Man To


AddressLand DescriptionAssociation Type
16 Wattle Avenue LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062LOT 103 TYP FP SEC 233 PLN 13807 C/T 5509/729Primary Property

Application Status
DescriptionEvent DecisionDate Finalised
Confirm Assessment Process for TimeframesDelegated - Sch1A13/07/2018
PLANNING ASSESSMENTNot Applicable13/07/2018
BUILDING RULES PROCESSCouncil (Sch 1A - Building Only)13/07/2018
Building Rules CommencedCommenced24/07/2018
Referral to Consultant Engineer?Not Required24/07/2018
External Building Referrals Required?Not Required24/07/2018
Further building information required?Not Required24/07/2018
Update Building Conditions/Custom FieldsYes24/07/2018

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~~~ DEVELOPMENT IN ACCORDANCE WITH DETAILS SUBMITTED The proposal must be developed in accordance with the details submitted to the Council and approved plans relating to this Development Application. Reason: To ensure the proposal is established in accordance with the plans and details submitted.
~~~ STORMWATER All water flowing from the roof or roofs of the building, shall be disposed of from the subject site to the Council drainage system in a manner which meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia for the building approved as part of this consent to avoid: (a) external moisture or water into the building; and (b) affecting the stability of the building; and (c) creating an unhealthy or dangerous condition; and (d) running onto or over land of an adjoining land or building. Stormwater shall be diverted away from the building, shall not be permitted to run onto adjoining land, except for stormwater following the existing drainage pattern of rainwater naturally falling on the allotment. Reason: To ensure satisfactory discharge of stormwater from the property.
~~~ MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDATIONS All construction must be in accordance with the manufacturer's standard approved specifications and all relevant standards. Reason: To ensure the building work is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.

Charge DescriptionDate of IssueAmount
Schedule 1 A other than clause 211/07/2018$53.00
Minimum Building Fee11/07/2018$69.50
Minimum Lodgement Fee11/07/2018$64.00
Sum $186.50

Private Certifier
No information is available.

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