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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/1038/196/09/2019Remove one regulated tree$3,000.00Merit2 Eaton Street CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041Mark Lewis
080/0188/1921/03/2019Retaining Wall (Retrospective)$11,809.60Merit21 Thorpe Street TORRENS PARK SA 5062 Property Complete Australia Pty Ltd
080/1154/199/10/2019Demolish Existing Outbuilding (Shed)$1,000.00Complying Development46 Ayers Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041Alexander Graham Lovell
080/1195/1910/10/2019Attached Verandah$9,200.00Complying Development39 Murray Street LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062 The Trademan
080/0825/1918/07/2019Dwelling Addition, Verandah & Carport$350,000.00Complying Development4 Smith-Dorrien Street NETHERBY SA 5062 Mavtect Designs
080/1200/1910/10/2019Inground Concrete Swimming Pool and Safety Barriers$65,000.00Complying Development18 Hillcrest Drive EDEN HILLS SA 5050 Generation Pools
080/1657/187/01/2019Single Storey Detached Dwelling with Garage constructed to southern side boundary and Retaining Walls$300,000.00Merit4 Woodleigh Road BLACKWOOD SA 5051Jennifer Ann Blake
080/0958/194/09/2019Retaining walls and fencing to a maximum height of 3.4 metres and associated earthworks.$35,000.00Merit76 Gloucester Avenue BELAIR SA 5052Daniel Craig Curtis, Carolyn Elizabeth Curtis
080/0768/199/09/2019Two Single Storey Dwellings, Garages, Verandahs & Porticos$284,470.00Merit49 Ormond Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041 Dechellis Homes
080/0712/1927/06/2019Dwelling Addition, Swimming Pool, Carport & Deck$100,000.00Merit18 Muggs Hill Road MITCHAM SA 5062Amber Bragg
080/1107/1916/09/2019Dwelling (House B)$212,743.00Complying Development1 Lyall Avenue PANORAMA SA 5041 Construction Services Australia
080/1575/183/12/2018Divide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (2:3)$0.00Merit7 Haig Street NETHERBY SA 5062 Alexander Symonds Pty Ltd
080/1346/1824/10/2018Divide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (1:2), Demolish Existing & Construct Two Semi-Detached Dwellings$250,000.00Merit42 Halsbury Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062 Lifestyle Contemporary Homes Pty Ltd
080/1188/1911/10/2019Attached Carport$6,200.00Complying Development62 Cumberland Avenue CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041Juvelyn Gamosa Hodgson, David John Hodgson
080/1111/1920/09/2019Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier$141,500.00DA Received31 Netherby Avenue NETHERBY SA 5062 MERMAID POOLS

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