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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/1004/192/09/2019Verandah$10,600.00Complying Development129 Cross Road HAWTHORN SA 5062 Australian Outdoor Living
080/1162/1813/09/2018Additions & Alterations & Garage$250,000.00Merit4 Thorpe Street TORRENS PARK SA 5062Nicholas Adrian Smith, Merridy Belinda Moir
080/0063/1924/01/2019Single Storey Detached Dwelling with Associated Earthworks, Retaining Walls and Fencing to a Maximum Height of 2.8 Metres along the Western Boundary$310,857.00Merit130 Gloucester Avenue BELAIR SA 5052 Dechellis Homes
080/1010/192/09/2019Internal Alterations - Law & Commerce Building$1,172,179.00Complying DevelopmentSturt Road BEDFORD PARK SA 5042 Built
080/1654/1818/12/2018Upper Storey Dwelling Addition$200,000.00Merit44A Delamere Avenue NETHERBY SA 5062 Alan Sheppard Construction Pty Ltd
080/0876/197/08/2019Garage Constructed to the Southern and Western Boundary (Limited Assessment - Length on the Boundary Exceeding 8 Metres)$10,000.00Merit68 Constance Street WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041Gerogios Doufos
080/0606/1929/05/2019Single Storey Dwelling, Garage, Retaining Walls & Fencing over 2.1m (Driveway Crossover)$242,845.00Merit18 Windermere Avenue CLAPHAM SA 5062 Oakford Homes
080/0824/1924/07/2019Solar Panels$7,000.00Merit9 East Parkway COLONEL LIGHT GARDENS SA 5041Kevin Andrew Thomas Mason
080/0629/193/06/2019Freestanding Carport (forward of dwelling)$16,850.00Merit15 Californian Crescent GLENALTA SA 5052Philip Downing
080/0351/18.0113/08/2019Vary DA: 080/0351/18 Demolish Existing Dwelling and Construct Two Storey Dwelling, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court and Tennis Court Lighting (Variation to Change Driveway & Crossover Location and Relocation of Existing Street Tree)$1,500.00Merit32 Montrose Avenue NETHERBY SA 5062 Belair Custom Homes
080/0600/1930/05/2019Spa$999.00Complying Development16 Barretts Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062Justin John Beilby, Susan Beilby
080/0866/1931/07/2019Remove One (1) Significant Tree$0.00Merit23 Lancelot Drive DAW PARK SA 5041Sharon Elaine McNicol
080/0066/1924/01/2019Verandah$10,058.00Complying Development11 Surrey Crescent LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062Paul Jeffrey Bannister
080/0969/1928/08/2019Carport$9,868.00Complying Development78 Cumberland Avenue CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041 Traditional Group
080/0890/192/08/2019Carport$11,900.00Merit25 Gladys Street CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039 Traditional Group

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