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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/0762/194/07/2019Shed$4,980.00Merit6 Balham Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062Ben Miels
080/0412/191/05/2019Dwelling Alterations & Additions & Verandah$100,000.00Complying Development149 Crozier Avenue MELROSE PARK SA 5039D Condina
080/0304/1919/03/2019Two Storey Detached Dwelling$436,484.00Merit79 Blackwood Park Boulevard CRAIGBURN FARM SA 5051 Adelaide Designer Homes Pty Ltd
080/1650/1818/12/2018Dwelling Alterations & Additions$90,000.00Complying Development3 Kilbryde Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062Sally-Anne Thomas
080/1515/1826/11/2018Dwelling Addition & Verandah$200,000.00Complying Development3A Kilbryde Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062 Bey Drafting & Building Design
080/0577/19 Demolition of all Existing Structures$0.00Merit39 Cross Road KINGSWOOD SA 5062Stephanie Joy Brown
080/0045/1716/01/2017Demolish existing and construct new clubroom facilities at Hewett Sports Ground (Stage 1 - Sports hub outdoor undercover areas meeting rooms and storage cages; Stage 2 - Change rooms)$1,567,000.00Merit90 Coromandel Parade BLACKWOOD SA 5051 City of Mitcham
080/0243/1914/03/2019Domestic Outbuilding - Garage$18,000.00Merit22 Wilpena Street EDEN HILLS SA 5050 Bargain Steel Centre
080/0891/189/07/2018Detached Single Storey Dwelling, Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier$700,000.00Merit51 Halsbury Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062 Billson & Sawley Pty Ltd Architects
080/0728/1926/06/2019Boundary Re-Alignment (2:2)$0.00Merit23 Monmouth Road WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041 Sawley Lock & Associates Pty Ltd
080/0438/1915/04/2019Single Storey Detached Dwelling$361,549.00Merit15 Narinna Avenue CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041 Oakford Homes
080/0604/193/06/2019Detached Outbuilding (Shed)$20,000.00Merit13 Yalpara Street EDEN HILLS SA 5050Paul Douglas Starling
080/0024/1914/01/2019Ensuite Addition$10,654.00Complying Development35 Marlborough Road WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041Jacque Chambers
080/0788/1910/07/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$9,950.00Complying Development79 Angas Road WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041 Magill Demolition & Earthmoving Contractors Pty Ltd
080/0642/1930/05/2019Replacement Carports$11,990.00Complying Development1/57 Kyre Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062 Traditional Verandahs & Carports

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