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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/0774/1912/08/2019Dwelling Alterations & Additions and Verandah$32,000.00Complying Development31A Delamere Avenue SPRINGFIELD SA 5062Wendy Ann Whiting
080/0861/1922/08/2019Alterations & Additions, Garage, Carport, Verandah & Pool Fence$250,000.00Complying Development19 Vancouver Avenue PANORAMA SA 5041 Northern Edge Studio
080/0907/1914/08/2019Demolish Existing Dwelling, Verandah & Carport (Garage at Rear to Remain)$12,000.00Complying Development74 Princes Road TORRENS PARK SA 5062Shaun Thomas Scrivens
080/0910/1914/08/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$10,450.00Complying Development1 Lyall Avenue PANORAMA SA 5041 DPC Demolition
080/0911/1921/08/2019Concrete Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier$51,000.00Complying Development18 Clifton Street HAWTHORN SA 5062 Omg Pools
080/0913/1915/08/2019Two Storey Detached Dwelling & Garage on Boundary$299,924.00Complying Development9 Windsor Avenue CLAPHAM SA 5062 Oakford Homes
080/0929/1912/08/2019Swimming Pool & Safety Fence$65,900.00Complying Development30 Bideford Avenue CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039 Freedom Pools
080/0937/1913/08/2019Undertake internal alterations to existing medical centre for a fitout (Flinders Centre for innovation in cancer)$405,000.00Complying Development3 Flinders Drive BEDFORD PARK SA 5042Sam Cameron
080/0939/1914/08/2019Attached Verandah$11,073.00Complying Development36 Adelaide Terrace ST MARYS SA 5042 Superb Pergolas N Decks
080/0940/1914/08/2019Carport & Verandah and Demolition of Garage$8,836.00Complying Development33 Kingston Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041Corey Mark Fischer
080/0945/1915/08/2019Shed$12,200.00Complying Development21 Viaduct Road EDEN HILLS SA 5050Andrew Charles Bruff, Robyn Veronica Bruff
080/0946/1921/08/2019Dwelling Alterations & Additions & Verandah$330,000.00Complying Development18 Mitcham Avenue LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062 Reardon Constructions Pty Ltd
080/0948/1915/08/2019Swimming Pool & Safety Fence$58,570.00Complying Development4 Seafield Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062 Freedom Pools
080/0951/1921/08/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$15,000.00Complying Development26 Montrose Avenue NETHERBY SA 5062Joel Hepburn-Brown, Susan Hepburn-Brown
080/0957/1920/08/2019Dwelling Addition - Bathroom Extension$35,000.00Complying Development45 Caulfield Avenue CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041Luke Woolman

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