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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/0454/1912/07/2019Two Storey Detached Dwelling$398,585.00Complying Development1 Alberta Avenue CLAPHAM SA 5062 DISTINCTIVE HOMES PTY LTD
080/0670/1919/06/2019Shed$9,889.00Complying Development14 Verco Avenue LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062 Heritage Building Group
080/0680/1919/06/2019Verandah$6,000.00Complying Development27 Rothesay Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042Bryce Alexander Hickman
080/0689/1919/06/2019Attached Verandah$6,000.00Complying Development61 Halsbury Avenue KINGSWOOD SA 5062 MacGregor Architecture
080/0700/1919/06/2019Dwelling Alterations & Additions & Verandah$35,000.00Complying Development78 Dinwoodie Avenue CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039Jacqueline Casey Ford
080/0702/1920/06/2019Replacement Verandah$9,500.00Complying Development6 Jennifer Avenue BELLEVUE HEIGHTS SA 5050 C R Arch Consultants
080/0705/1920/06/2019Dwelling Addition & Verandah$130,000.00Complying Development4 Constance Street WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041Nahum Julien Ziersch, Emma Natasha Ziersch
080/0708/1919/06/2019In Ground Swimming Pool & Pool Safety Fence$85,183.00Complying Development34 William Street HAWTHORN SA 5062 Urban Oasis SA Pty Ltd
080/0709/1919/06/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$10,890.00Complying Development28A Bideford Avenue CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039 Belair Custom Homes
080/0722/1921/06/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$9,000.00Complying Development12 Dudley Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041Sofie Traiforos
080/0723/192/07/2019Divide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (1:2)$0.00Complying Development12 Dudley Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041 Mattsson & Martyn
080/0726/1926/06/2019Verandah (Retrospective)$1,500.00Complying Development20 Wattle Avenue LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062Graham George Stevenson
080/0730/1927/06/2019Dwelling Additions and Verandah$51,000.00Complying Development154 Ayers Avenue MELROSE PARK SA 5039Robyn Hall
080/0734/1928/06/2019Verandah$7,778.00Complying Development18A Merriton Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042 Building Industry Consultants
080/0740/1928/06/2019Replace Existing Shed with a Garage$11,800.00Complying Development23 Tobruk Avenue ST MARYS SA 5042Miranda Jade Rowe, Andrew Gerald Scott

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