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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/1069/1918/09/2019Two storey detached dwelling with associated earthworks, retaining and fencing$585,000.00Merit4 Wattle Avenue HAWTHORNDENE SA 5051 Rossdale Homes Pty Ltd
080/1092/1918/09/2019Verandah$10,475.12Complying Development28 Crozier Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041 Renovate Help Mate
080/1052/1918/09/2019Pruning of Two Trees$6,000.00Merit7 Ritz Boulevard PASADENA SA 5042David Wentworth Jones
080/1077/1918/09/2019Alterations and Additions to Existing Local Heritage Place Including Demolition of Existing Attached Office Building and Construction of an Attached Two-Storey Office Building, Removal of One Regulated Tree, Alterations to Car Parking Area with Associated Landscaping, Fencing and Earthworks$1,500,000.00Merit37/48 Gloucester Avenue BELAIR SA 5052 James Brown Memorial Trust, The
080/0987/1918/09/2019Free Standing Verandah$7,000.00Complying Development4 Parham Road EDEN HILLS SA 5050 Taylor Made Pergolas
080/1021/1918/09/2019Divide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (1:2)$0.00Merit31 Dorene Street ST MARYS SA 5042 CAVALLO FOREST & ASSOC
080/1432/16.0118/09/2019Variation to DA 080/1432/16 to construct a three storey dwelling, swimming pool, retaining wall and fencing - changes to front wall and retaining walls and fencing along southern side and rear boundaries$40,000.00Merit7A Newenham Road SPRINGFIELD SA 5062Burt Admiraal
080/0975/1918/09/2019Verandah$9,000.00Complying Development18 Thorngate Drive BELAIR SA 5052Steven Robert Holland
080/1117/1919/09/2019Construction of Domestic Outbuilding$14,000.00Merit209 Upper Sturt Road UPPER STURT SA 5156Andrew John Smith
080/0219/1619/09/2019STUDENT ACCOMMODATION BUILDING BATHROOM REFURBISHMENT PROGRAM$57,000.00Complying Development3 Flinders Drive BEDFORD PARK SA 5042ts Flinders University c/- Swanbury Penglase Architec
080/1127/1919/09/2019Single Storey Detached Dwelling$361,155.00Complying Development4 Waite Road URRBRAE SA 5064 Fairmont Homes Group Pty Ltd
080/1094/1919/09/2019Free-standing Verandah & Deck$11,500.00Merit63 Brighton Parade BLACKWOOD SA 5051 Decks By Dan
080/1090/1919/09/2019Domestic Outbuilding (Shed) Along Rear Boundary$7,000.00Merit3 Adey Road BLACKWOOD SA 5051Daniel Cornelis Zervaas, Nerylee Ann Watson
080/1093/1919/09/2019Demolition of Existing Dwelling and Detached Outbuilding & Construction of Single Storey Dwelling, Garage & Verandahs (Staged Development - Stage 1: Demolition of Existing Dwelling and Detached Outbuilding, Stage 2: Construction of Single Storey Dwelling, Garage & Verandahs)$200,000.00Merit15 Adey Road BLACKWOOD SA 5051Jason Atkinson
080/1095/1919/09/2019Remove One Regulated Tree$1,177.00Merit5 Bice Street CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039Caroline Sandra Bowden

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