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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/0454/1912/07/2019Two Storey Detached Dwelling$398,585.00Complying Development1 Alberta Avenue CLAPHAM SA 5062 DISTINCTIVE HOMES PTY LTD
080/0455/1912/07/2019Two Storey Detached Dwelling$398,585.00Complying Development1A Alberta Avenue CLAPHAM SA 5062 DISTINCTIVE HOMES PTY LTD
080/0579/1917/07/2019Single Storey Detached Dwelling$317,889.00Complying Development137 Avenue Road CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039 Construction Services Australia
080/0672/1926/07/2019Create One Additional Allotment (1:2)$0.00Complying Development6 Comaum Street ST MARYS SA 5042 Zaina Stacey Development Consultants
080/0723/192/07/2019Divide Land to Create One Additional Allotment (1:2)$0.00Complying Development12 Dudley Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041 Mattsson & Martyn
080/0745/194/07/2019Shed On Boundary$4,300.00Complying Development47 Hill Avenue CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041Paul Michael Kinlough
080/0752/193/07/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$10,000.00Complying Development6 Bowyer Crescent CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041Ryan Riccardo Stor
080/0757/192/07/2019Verandah$10,497.00Complying Development6 MacPherson Street CLAPHAM SA 5062 Pergolas of Distinction
080/0759/192/07/2019Fibre Glass Swimming Pool and Safety Fence$35,000.00Complying Development13 Yorke Drive PASADENA SA 5042 Outside Developments Pty Ltd
080/0775/199/07/2019Domestic Outbuilding - Shed$9,900.00Complying Development34 Dinwoodie Avenue CLARENCE GARDENS SA 5039Benjamin Philip Sherwell, Jessica Kate Klar
080/0776/195/07/2019Structural Repairs to Existing Dwelling (Retrospective)$34,727.00Complying Development9 Glen Avenue HAWTHORNDENE SA 5051 Imparta Engineers
080/0777/1910/07/2019Attached Carport$5,490.00Complying Development23 Fife Avenue TORRENS PARK SA 5062Scott David Delaney
080/0779/195/07/2019Dwelling Alterations & Additions & Verandah$100,000.00Complying Development121 Ayers Avenue MELROSE PARK SA 5039Caroline Anne Green
080/0782/1910/07/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$15,000.00Complying Development12 Alma Street PANORAMA SA 5041Lisa Jane McNeil
080/0786/1917/07/2019Stage 1 - Free-standing Carport & Stage 2 - Storage Room$15,000.00Complying Development17 Sycamore Crescent HAWTHORNDENE SA 5051Emma Luise Dethlefsen, Geoffrey George Bush

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