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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/0607/194/06/2019Demolish Brick Garage$8,500.00Complying Development46 Penno Parade South BLACKWOOD SA 5051Justin Buckley
080/0611/1912/06/2019Enclosed Verandah$11,000.00Complying Development2 Garden Road WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041Jason Moore
080/0626/196/06/2019Shed$4,700.00Complying Development42 Burnell Drive BELAIR SA 5052Andrew Romaniuk
080/0635/194/06/2019Detached Shed$16,724.00Complying Development24 Centre Way BELAIR SA 5052Melissa Louise Rowe
080/0640/193/06/2019Demolition All Existing Structures (Group of Units)$15,000.00Complying Development14 Hillview Road KINGSWOOD SA 5062 Park Vista Property Pty Ltd
080/0643/197/06/2019Demolition All Existing Structures$8,000.00Complying Development6 Mortlock Street CLAPHAM SA 5062 Rossdale Homes
080/0645/196/06/2019Attached Carport$10,748.00Complying Development33 Brook Street TORRENS PARK SA 5062 Traditional Verandahs & Carports
080/0647/197/06/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$10,000.00Complying Development27 Red Road BLACKWOOD SA 5051 Alliance Development & Construction
080/0650/196/06/2019Freestanding Verandah$2,300.00Complying Development49 Wilpena Street EDEN HILLS SA 5050Anthony John Heanes
080/0652/197/06/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$11,900.00Complying Development46 Lloyd Street ST MARYS SA 5042Aleks Sapic
080/0654/1914/06/2019Free-standing Carport$3,500.00Complying Development15 Clifton Street HAWTHORN SA 5062Quoc Khanh Bui
080/0659/193/06/2019Cover Existing Pergola$640.00Complying Development9 Wilpena Street EDEN HILLS SA 5050Lynne Mary Hurt
080/0666/197/06/2019Attached Verandah$25,000.00Complying Development72 Carlisle Road WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041James Schueler
080/0667/197/06/2019Demolish All Existing Structures$8,000.00Complying Development2 Penno Parade North BELAIR SA 5052Pamela Susan Catcheside, David Catcheside
080/0670/1919/06/2019Shed$9,889.00Complying Development14 Verco Avenue LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062 Heritage Building Group

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