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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionDevelopment CostClassificationFormatted AddressApplicant Names
080/1149/198/10/2019Boundary Retaining Wall & Fencing and Associated Earthworks$4,000.00Merit6 Vale Road HAWTHORNDENE SA 5051M J Doyle
080/1106/198/10/2019Single Storey Dwelling & Garage$216,857.00DA Received48A Coromandel Parade BLACKWOOD SA 5051 Rivergum Homes Pty Ltd
080/0983/198/10/2019Carport$4,700.00Merit88 Springbank Road CLAPHAM SA 5062Brodie Alexander Ross Syrus
080/1160/198/10/2019Display Temporary VMS Sign$200.00Merit1297-1299 South Road ST MARYS SA 5042 Meh Plant & Equipment Hire
080/1172/198/10/2019Two-Storey Alterations and Additions to Existing Dwelling, Extension of Existing Side Deck, Rear Balcony, Carport and Associated Earthworks$200,000.00Merit53 Coromandel Parade BLACKWOOD SA 5051Michael William Fogarty
080/1174/199/10/2019Alterations & Additions to Existing Dwelling$37,000.00Merit493 Goodwood Road COLONEL LIGHT GARDENS SA 5041 Ajl Drafting And Design Solutions
080/1175/199/10/2019Replace Front Fence$5,940.00Merit15 The Strand COLONEL LIGHT GARDENS SA 5041Garry Herbert Childs
080/1280/189/10/2019Alterations & Additions (Retrospective)$0.00Complying Development13 Mathias Avenue CUMBERLAND PARK SA 5041Benjamin James Gliddon
080/1184/199/10/2019Two Storey Dwelling, Garage, Verandah, Portico & Balcony$531,190.00Merit30 Champion Way CRAIGBURN FARM SA 5051 Simonds Homes
080/1011/199/10/2019Two Single Storey Dwellings, Garage, Portico & Verandah$480,000.00Merit29 Murray Street LOWER MITCHAM SA 5062 Soko Design Studio
080/1154/199/10/2019Demolish Existing Outbuilding (Shed)$1,000.00Complying Development46 Ayers Avenue DAW PARK SA 5041Alexander Graham Lovell
080/0866/17.019/10/2019Vary DA 080/0866/17 To Demolish existing buildings and construct five group dwellings, ancillary car parking, landscaping and fencing - Variation Comprising Changes to Facades, Roof Forms and Minor Increase In Floor Area of Two Dwellings$0.00Merit1A Deepdene Avenue WESTBOURNE PARK SA 5041 Dominion Property Trust
080/1173/199/10/2019Demolish all existing structures$12,000.00Complying Development1C Eli Street TORRENS PARK SA 5062 AC Demolition
080/1180/199/10/2019Two Storey Split Level Dwelling, Garage, Portico & Verandah$654,486.00Merit136 Blackwood Park Boulevard CRAIGBURN FARM SA 5051 Dechellis Homes
080/1171/199/10/2019Construction of education facility (research building) and removal of one Significant tree$4,500,000.00MeritSturt Road BEDFORD PARK SA 5042 Phillips Pilkington Architects

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